Running in production

Running your app in production

Choose a hosting platform

Your app will need to be hosted on the Internet so that the ONEm Platform can access it. Choose a hosting provider.

Hosting provider requirements:

  • Public static IP or a permanent DNS host name
  • Optional - access to local or cloud database services such as PostgreSQLor MongoDB

In general, ONEm apps can be hosted on any platform, it's entirely up to you which provider you use.

Some popular providers you might consider:

Install and deploy your app in production

Make sure your app is deployed and running on your favourite provider. For example to deploy on Heroku you would use:

$ heroku create
$ git push heroku master

Make a note of the IP address or fully qualified URL of your application from your provider together with the port. For example with Heroku, it might be something like: or with DigitalOcean it might be http://63.x.y.z:8080

Register the app with ONEm Developer Portal

You will need to edit your App details and update the Callback URL field, provide the fully qualified URL of your application's base API path. You can access your account here.

Verifying on production

In the Developer Portal, click on the Test Client tab and verify that your app is responding as expected by sending #<app name>.