SMS user access

Ok, so we've mentioned that your app is identified by the name you give it and it can be accessed through the ONEm platform by prefixing it with a hashtag. This is the general way to access your micro app.


As a ONEm developer, you can implement particular ways for your users to access specific areas of your micro-app. We call these verbs. Verbs are like shortcuts to specific callback paths you define in the Developer Portal.


There are some reserved verbs you cannot use.


To understand this better, let's take an example:

We have a micro-app named barbershop. Our users can:

  1. Access it directly by sending #barbershop to the ONEm platform.
  2. Access a list of appointments by sending #barbershop appointments.

For point 2 above to work, we need to define in the ONEm Developer Portal a verb named appointments and map it to a callback path.

If our callback path looks like /appointment/list and the user sends parameters, as mentioned in the third point above, then ONEm platform will launch an HTTP GET request with a query string: /appointment/list


Accessing a micro app:

#app [verb]

  • verb is optional
    • if not present an HTTP GET request will be made against the 'root' /app-callback-path defined in the ONEm Developer Portal
    • if a verb is supplied, an HTTP GET request will be made against /verb-callback-path defined in the ONEm Developer Portal